Our Story

Democracy Prep Harlem Middle School educates scholars in Grades 6 through 8. DPH is modeled on Democracy Prep’s flagship school, Democracy Prep Charter Middle School, the number one public middle school and number one charter school in all of New York City on the 2010 Chancellor’s Progress Report. Graduating eighth graders will now go on to attend our newly opened Democracy Prep Harlem High School, where they will continue on their path to success in college and citizenship

Jonquille Eley Richards

Sarah France

6 – 8

300 Scholars

The DREAM Team

Jonquille Eley-Richards


Sarah France

Assistant Principal

Javon Ralling

Scholar Support Specialist

Changa Bruno


Kesha Atterberry

Social Worker

Carolyn Richards

6th Grade Literacy

Alexander Accetta

6th Grade Global Literacy

Chris Arricale

6th Grade Reading

Marian Blair

6th Grade Reading

Chantae Edwards

6th Grade Writing

Zakiyyah Griffin

6th Grade Reading ACT

Aniqua Reese

6th Grade Math

Nailah Taylor

6th Grade Science

Daniel Wright

6th Grade Math ACT

Tashia Angus

7th Grade Math

Jose Gratereaux

7th Grade Math

Danielle Baker

7th Grade Writing, Grade Level Leader

Joshua Joyce

7th Grade History

Chenice Scott

7th Grade Reading

Anthony Shi

7th Grade Math ACT

Morgan Stephenson

7th Grade Reading

Lewis Jones

7th Grade Science

Antonio Mendez

7th Grade Reading ACT

Alexandra Cabral

8th Grade Science

Shaina Huang

8th Grade Math ACT

Levelot Jean

8th Grade Reading ACT

Danielle McCoy

8th Grade Reading, Grade Level Leader

Chantel Richardson

8th Grade History

Iesha Sweeting

8th Grade Math

Philippe Theise

8th Grade Writing

Marquist Ware

8th Grade Reading

Michael Des Gaines

Physical Education

Joshua Mauldin


Christopher Smalley


Saoni Alvarado


Jennifer Dilone

Family Impact Coordinator

Monica Britt


Kenneth Christy


Kamil Klimowicz

Data and Technology Specialist

Natalia Veloz

Operations Manager

Darryl Frazier

Buildings Manager

Roberto Gonzalez


DPNY Board of Directors

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  Download Annual Report 16-17 

To contact the DPNY Board, please email Boardoftrustees@DemocracyPrep.org

For information about the DPNY Board of Trustees, including minutes and upcoming meeting dates, click here.