Democracy Prep Harlem’s DREAM Team is composed of 37 of the best educators in the world.

  • Leadership
  • Math Team
  • English Team
  • Science Team
  • Social Studies
  • Co-Curricular Team
  • Academic Collaboration
  • Instructional Support
  • Gabrielle Johnson

    Gabrielle Johnson

    6th Grade

  • Natalia Veloz

    Natalia Veloz


  • Christopher Smalley

    Christopher Smalley


  • Daniel Wright

    Daniel Wright


  • Carolyn Moran

    Carolyn Moran

    6th Grade

  • Marian Blair

    Marian Blair

    6th Grade

  • Brianna Barcelo

    Brianna Barcelo

    6th Grade

  • Kamil Klimowicz

    Kamil Klimowicz

    Operations Manager

  • Monica Britt

    Monica Britt


  • Katrina Albert

    Katrina Albert

    6th Grade

  • Mariely Guzmán

    Mariely Guzmán

    6th Grade

  • Jennifer Castillo

    Jennifer Castillo

    Family Impact Specialist

  • Monique Blackburn

    Monique Blackburn

    7th Grade

  • Stephanie Goldstein

    Stephanie Goldstein

    ACT Coordinator

  • Mimi Tilberry

    Mimi Tilberry

    7th Grade

  • Aniqua Reese

    Aniqua Reese

    6th Grade

  • Kenneth Christy

    Kenneth Christy


  • Kodi Haynes

    Kodi Haynes

    7th Grade

  • Danielle Baker

    Danielle Baker

    7th Grade

  • Danielle McCoy

    Danielle McCoy

    8th Grade

  • Nicole Companion

    Nicole Companion

    7th Grade

  • Grace Zhou

    Grace Zhou

    8th Grade

  • Abel Balle

    Abel Balle

    6th Grade

  • Cecilia Rodriguez-Sosa

    Cecilia Rodriguez-Sosa

    8th Grade

  • Lamont DeBerry

    Lamont DeBerry

    DREAM Coach

  • Holly Williams

    Holly Williams

    7th Grade

  • Klara Jenkins

    Klara Jenkins

    8th Grade

  • Kelby Stockstill

    Kelby Stockstill

    8th Grade

  • Steven Ewashchyshyn

    Steven Ewashchyshyn

    8th Grade

  • Joshua Gener

    Joshua Gener

    DREAM Coach

  • Kesha Atterberry

    Kesha Atterberry

    Social Worker

  • Michael Des Gaines

    Michael Des Gaines

    Physical Education

  • Zach Siegel

    Zach Siegel


  • Jonquille Eley-Richards

    Jonquille Eley-Richards